The Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdansk and Medical University of Gdansk (IFB UG & MUG) was established in 1993 by the decision of the Senates of both universities.  The Faculty is a unique institution in Poland created by two universities. This leads to the interdisciplinary character of the conducted research and teaching by combining biomedical and bio-molecular issues and their applications in biotechnology for health and life quality.

Presently, IFB employs 66 people, including 17 professors and 29 doctors. Taking into account PhD students, approximately 180 people take part in research and teaching. Since 1999, the faculty has had the rights to confer the degree of doctor, and since 2010 – the scientific degree of habilitated doctor in the area of biological sciences – discipline of biochemistry. The Faculty runs BSc, MSc and PhD studies, educating over 360 students, including 90 doctoral students.

IFB is a leading research and didactic institution that since 2002 has had the status of the European Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biomedicine. In the rankings of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education regarding scientific effectiveness, IFB occupies the high positions. The quality of teaching at the Faculty is evaluated as the highest in Poland. The high assessment of research and teaching is linked with the contributions made by the Faculty staff. Faculty members play important functions in international societies and scientific commissions, such as EMBO, COST, ScanBalt, EFSA. IFB staff are also laureates of prestigious programmes and awards, including awards for young scientists.

For more information, visit the IFB UG&MUG website.

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